Find out the best reasons to hire an ad agency

Why Should You Hire an Advertising Agency – 10 Reasons

Find out exactly how and why your business will benefit when you decide to hire an ad agency.

Having the whole team of advertising experts taking care of your brand is highly appealing, but it always comes with a cost. Before hiring an ad agency, there is much to consider. 

In this article, you will find all the reasons why companies hire ad agencies.

Additionally, you will learn how advertising agencies help businesses generate more sales and what to pay close attention to when deciding which ad agency to hire.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the topic. 

Why do companies hire ad agencies? 

In today’s business landscape, many companies don’t have the capability to attract, manage, and motivate advertising experts. Ad professionals often don’t fit into corporate culture and can get a bit bored when working on just one product or category. 

Ad pros need new challenges to keep their creative juices flowing and their skills as sharp as possible. Advertising agencies offer their employees many opportunities to grow their advertising skills, which is why talent at agencies is often regarded as superior to in-house ad teams. 

The best companies stick to what they do best and strive to become #1 in their core expertise. The same is with the ad agencies. 

Besides, hiring ad agencies allows companies to pivot and increase or downsize their staff to meet new requirements. A question stands here.

Why would a company focus on something that is not its core expertise and that it’s not especially good at?

This is a thought to keep in mind when hiring an ad agency or any other agency whose help your company would appreciate. 

10 reasons to hire an advertising agency

There are numerous benefits to hiring an advertising agency to run your marketing campaigns. We will now go through the top 10 reasons why you should hire an ad agency to help you increase your sales revenue and grow your business. 

#1 Expert ad agencies are cost-effective

It’s undeniable that hiring an agency is always cheaper than hiring an in-house advertising team. Hiring the entire team of experts, training them, and growing their careers is costly, much more than simply hiring an ad agency to run your marketing campaigns. 

Alternatively, you could approach say Facebook ads without hiring an ad agency, but this tends to result in increased indirect costs and lower sales revenue than expect. 

Expert ad agencies use the budget efficiently. They also know when and how to approach different media outlets, and how to generate the best ROI with a given budget.

#2 Detailed research and high-level targeting capabilities

Freeing up the time to do strategic research and reporting is not enough. If your in-house team doesn’t have all the tools, resources, and expertise to conduct detailed research, laser-target your audience, and transparently report the campaign results – you need to hire an advertising agency.

Ad agencies have access to information the public doesn’t. They know how to analyze that information, put it into the context of your company and goals, and make hard choices. 

They utilize numerous tools and sources to validate their assumptions, they know how to test their campaigns, and conduct performance experiments. When hiring an ad agency, you hire them for their tested processes and dedication to achieving results.

After their research and reviewed marketing strategy, they can guide you and help you make future decisions on how to capitalize on newly-gained information. They help you ensure you are reaching out to the right audience and not wasting your marketing budget.

#3 Hiring ad agencies saves you time

Time is the most valuable resource of your company. And losing time by putting effort into something you are not skilled at often becomes financially exhausting. 

In some cases, employees can not focus on their core role as they get delayed by investing their time in advertising and marketing, which is not in their domain of expertise. This hinders their focus and overall productivity. 

This greatly affects their workflow but also impacts other employees who are not directly working on marketing activities. 

To avoid this situation and minimize productivity losses, outsourcing your marketing activities to an ad agency is a crucial stepping-stone. An outsourced team of ad experts can lower your employees’ workload and enable them to focus on their key roles. 

Ad agencies have only one goal, top results for the client. Your business is treated as a priority and they will go the extra mile to ensure all the projects are done on time and within the budget.

#4 Advertising agencies are more objective

When you hire an ad agency, you get an unbiased, objective perspective on your sales, products, and marketing strategy.

If you choose to dwell into advertising space media without the help of an agency, chances are that you will be biased about your business and products you sell. Besides, it’s safe to say that getting a fresh perspective on your advertising activities is beneficial. 

Your employees may find it difficult to objectively view your company’s business activities. They are too involved with the everyday challenges your company faces and may not know exactly what is going on in the customer’s mind. 

An ad agency provides you with new customer insights that will help you look at your target audience from a different angle.

The objectivity of an agency most often results in an unbiased and effective ad campaign designed purposefully to reach the target audience at the right time. 

#5 Ad agencies often have insider information

Along with the expert skills and new viewpoints on your products, when you hire an ad agency, you gain access to a wealth of industry contacts.

Ad agencies already have established relationships with local outlets, publishing companies, media representatives, and independent publicists. They have been building their promotional network for years, which gives them an edge over in-house marketing teams when it comes to promoting a certain product or a service. 

They know exactly which channel works best for your products, in which media to promote it, how much budget is necessary, and how to present it. 

#6 Your success is their success

Essential to keep in mind is that ad agencies can succeed only if you succeed – if your business results are increasing and sales revenue is growing. 

Ad agencies look for long-term deals and aim to retain their clients as long as they can help them succeed. In general, advertising agencies are considered more successful when they can showcase how they are growing their clients’ businesses. 

They look for stability and want to achieve the best possible results for their clients. The better results they achieve for your business, the more chance they have of acquiring another client and attracting a new employee. 

Whenever you hire an ad agency, you can rest assured that they always look for a win-win solution. 

#7 Advertising agencies enable you to scale your business with ads

When you wish to expand your business and scale it, this often results in hiring a marketing team. 

That is time-consuming, financially exhaustive, and requires you to train new marketing employees. To avoid this struggle and ensure your resources are well spent, you should aim to hire an ad agency. 

Advertising agencies are in the business of scaling companies with ads, and that is what they do best. They know how to measure their effectiveness, experiment with different assets and messages, and optimize your marketing strategy for growth. 

If you want to experiment with different marketing strategies and promotional channels, ad agencies can help you expand your online presence and gather more valuable insights. For example, if you want to experiment with Facebook Ads but don’t have anyone in-house that can confidently do that, hiring an ad agency is your best option. 

An ad agency will easily adapt to your evolving marketing needs and will continue to grow as long as it can help your company do the same.

Digital advertising spending worldwide from 2021 to 2026 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Taking into account the latest research from Statista, businesses are increasingly investing into ads to grow their businesses and stand out in the ever-growing sea of competitors. Digital economy is developing at an incredibly fast pace and advertising is steadily keeping up with the growing trend.

If you want to get one step ahead of your competitors, let’s jump on a quick call and talk about your scaling opportunities. We’ve guided numerous businesses through all stages and scaling is what we do best.

#8 Ad companies know how to measure marketing data

When working with an ad agency, you get to see exactly what is special in their approach and day-to-day processes. Every single action has a specific impact – and it’s always visible in the numbers.

Ad agencies track their performance on each of your business goals. They measure various key performance indicators (KPIs), keep track of metrics and analytics, and make informed decisions throughout your collaboration.

Marketing data is extremely valuable to businesses, but not everyone knows how to correctly interpret it and put it into use. Luckily, advertising agencies have years of experience in different industries and with accumulated knowledge they are able to make both efficient and effective decisions.

A business can measure numerous advertising metrics, but here are some of the most important metrics for online advertisers.

We know how to read the data. Book a free discovery call, and let’s talk about how we can help you reach your goals.

#9 Advertising agencies use the best resources

Not only do ad agencies have the best advertising experts gathered in teams, but they also take advantage of the latest tools, insights, and strategies. 

When working with an ad agency, you can expect them to:

  • Use highly-advanced marketing software
  • Generate detailed marketing reports regularly
  • Provide you with insight into the latest trends and research

They approach their field of work seriously and ensure that all critical numbers are under their control. To make it possible, industry-leading marketing tools and software are a must. 

#10 Advertising agencies help you to experiment with new marketing channels

You have already hired an ad agency, your company is scaling pretty quickly, and you spot some fresh opportunities for your business.

Whatever new marketing and communication channel you have in mind, an ad agency can help you experiment with it. If you have been using Facebook Ads to generate sales for your B2B business, it may be beneficial to experiment with LinkedIn Ads. 

Advertising agencies can help you limit the risk of your experimentation and do all the heavy lifting for you. After some testing, you can expect them to consult your business on whether to use a specific marketing channel, depending on your business’s unique results. 

When should you hire an ad agency?

Hiring an ad agency rather than developing your in-house marketing team can be daunting. When thinking about hiring an agency, you may get concerned about the increased spending and even get reluctant to let an outsider grow your company. 

Luckily, the benefits vastly outweigh the risks. Of course, if you choose to hire a reliable advertising agency.

Here are some signs that can tell you it’s time to put your trust into a team of marketing experts to lead your marketing efforts: 

  • You are trying to do everything yourself. From creating content to publishing it, sending email campaigns, managing social media, running ads, and so on. Keep your focus on your core business, this will get you much further.
  • You are not planning. Having a one-month marketing plan isn’t enough. Short-term thinking plagues many businesses today, and is one of the main reasons why so many businesses fail before they even get to scale.
  • Your sales revenue and sales leads are dropping. Even though you are investing internal resources into fueling your sales, ROI you are seeing is not satisfactory. This is a crucial sign that you could use help from an advertising agency.
  • You are not tracking crucial analytics metrics. Until you start testing, you won’t know how to improve. If you are not tracking and analyzing your marketing data regularly, it’s time to hire an ad agency to help you improve your business results.
  • You don’t have the required marketing skill set in-house. Digital marketing has evolved into a huge field in the past several years, which is why it feels intimidating to even start with digital marketing if you don’t have enough knowledge or someone with an appropriate skill set. When working with ad agencies, you get access to all their skills and knowledge

What to look for when hiring an ad agency?

Deciding which ad agency to hire is no small thing. And if you are looking to hire an ad agency because of their results, it could easily turn into a mistake. 

A more beneficial approach would be hiring a business partner that aligns with your company culture and shares your vision. The core values of an ad agency you are looking to hire plays a huge role in the decision.

After the first few calls, you will already see what drives the ad agency and how they approach their work. Also, be sure to define your objectives. Not all ad agencies will suit your business, so you must decide what you want to achieve beforehand and communicate your expectations.

This can not be stressed enough but be wary of low-cost offers promising instant growth and enormous sales increase. It just doesn’t work that way. These lowball propositions may look attractive at first, but in the long term, they almost always end badly. 

Ensure you get a detailed marketing roadmap from the ad agency, discuss what you define as a lead, and – most importantly – ask questions! 

We’ll help your company increase sales revenue with ads! 

Do not consider this as our promise to pave a shortcut to your business’s success. Simply said, we know how to run ads, and we know how to achieve stunning results.

Hiring an ad agency is often a daunting task, but we don’t like to think of it that way. We understand how important and precious your resources are. 

What we always keep in mind is – if our clients succeed, so will we. This mindset is what pushes us forward and helps us find creative solutions, acquire new valuable skills, and ensure our clients’ businesses grow! 

If you have come all this way, why not have a quick call? Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help your business increase sales with ads. 

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