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Business development consulting

Grow your business.

Get the right team and tools you need to succeed. Level up.


Achieve your business goals with the help of a professional coach.

business growth

Identify opportunities, develop  the strategy, form the team and implement it.

My Partners

My partners are top experts in tech, finance, design, marketing and SEO. 

My Story

Hello, my name is marko.

Business Development Manager at Lumen Spei Agency. I was born and raised in Croatia, a small town called Long Village, just outside of Zagreb… (named Long Village because it use to be just one long a#s road with a single row of homes on each side.) As a kid I played tennis competitively, but my story begins when I was 18 years old when I moved to the USA as an exchange student. I ended up attending a university and graduating with a BBA degree from California State University, Sacramento. I played D1 tennis which was a transformative experience for me as an individual. I worked as a freelance business consultant for 8 years with many executives, managers and individuals in a wide range of industries.

I decided to leave freelancing and join Lumen Spei Agency as a business development consultant because I recognized that the relationship would be mutually beneficial. I helped the company scale the business with new projects, new hires and getting a few steps closer to the their first goal of 50 employees all while doing what I love #talk about business. Today, I help individuals, businesses and startups to grow and scale their businesses.

Make business


5 step process

business growth
#1 discovery call: getting to know the company or project.
#2 Business Audit: Q&A with the client ➔ business audit Deck.
#3 Strategy development: Based on audit, a strategy is agreed upon.
#4 Team formation: picking the right set of experts for the project.
#5 Implementation: executing the strategy according to the roadmap.
👉 Get help from industry experts
👉 Transform your business
👉 Improve business performance
👉 Make operations more efficient
👉 Enhance market competitiveness


Why choose me?

It can be tough to figure out what the best step is for growing your business. Do you invest in Ads? Do you start a new product? Expand into new markets? Hire more staff?

I can help you take the guesswork out of growing your business. I will help you identify your goals and create a plan to achieve them, then assemble a team of experts to help you put that plan into action.

➤ Expert business knowledge
➤ Excellent communication skills
➤ Research skills
➤ Problem-solving abilities
➤ Strong research and data collection skills
➤ Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
➤ Knowledgable in IT, blockchain, AI tools, and marketing



Business coaching helps a businessperson achieve their work goals by learning new skills, developing strategies, or changing their mindset. However, the most important thing is that the coaching relationship helps the person grow in their business.


Business growth deck is a complete document tailored for your business and your unique situation and needs. The deck consists of your business audit, solution strategy and an actionable roadmap put together by our team of experts in their respective fields. 


The Business LinkUp is our community of business professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and people looking to network with like minded individuals. We host monthly live and virtual events with various topics in the business world. 


My Partners

Milica Zivanovic, MBA

#Talks about market and competitive research / product placement / branding.

SEO Expert, MBA

#Talks about search engine optimization / digital marketing

Krunoslav Ris, Ph.D

CEO, Lumen Spei Croatia
#Talks about WEB3, Fintech, Digital Transformation

andy Stackpole, MBA / MPA

Investment Banking
#Talks about investing / business plans/ strategy / business analysis.

Dino Salopek

#Talks about WEB3 / NFT / Crypto Education / Blockchain





What People Say About me?

“Marko is a great coach and he helped me a lot. He’s helped me to focus on my goals, stay accountable, and to think outside the box. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

“I had my first coaching session with Marko last week and it was fantastic! He helped me clarify my goals and identify some key areas to work on. I feel so much more motivated and confident now, and I’m really looking forward to my next session.”

“I’ve been working with Marko for a few months now, and she has been an incredible help. He’s helped me to focus on what’s important, set realistic goals, and stay accountable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a business coach.”

“Marko is an excellent coach, and I’ve learned so much from him. He has helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and to set realistic goals. I highly recommend him.”

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