Get 1 T-Shirt, Feed 7 People in Need.


Wear cool, be cool

Wear a T-Shirt that makes sense & help us feed the people in need. Each T-Shirt sold will provide one day worth of food for seven people. Join our movement to impact the future of our community by making a step forward with us.


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How Our Foundation Works

1. Buy a T-shirt

Do good while looking good! Our collections are constantly changing and never repeating. 

2. Profits for charity

Providing a quality prodcut isn’t enough for us. 100% of our profits go towards feeding people in need. 

3. Earn crypto

Receive our cypto coin in the same amount as your purchase. Cash it, save it, or further our cause with it.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Happening Now

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